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What is FineArtWorld?
FineArtWorld is a place that allows the artist, photographer or gallery a low cost, easy to use, and professional looking way to exhibit and sell their works on a global stage and gives the collector or visitor the opportunity to view or purchase fine art from around the world; all from the comforts of their living room or office. Working hard to accommodate the various needs of the entire art community, we have tailored our membership packages to fit viewers, collectors, artists, photographers and galleries alike.

Who are the owners?
Fine Art World was born from experience. We, the owners, are either artists, or have or currently own “brick and mortar” art related businesses in printing, publishing, licensing and gallery ownership. We have been representing artists for over a combined 60 years.

I am a collector, why should I become a member?
You can become a Free Viewer Member and once registered, you will be able to access services that include the ability to purchase artwork, receive news and information about your favorite artists, and communicate with other members of the art community through email.

I am an artist or gallery, why should I become a member?
There are many reasons for becoming a member but we tried to narrow them down to our top 10:

1) Independent Website– We artists and galleries with their very own Independent Website that is seperate from the FineArtWorld.com website.

2) Community Website- In addition to an Independent Website, artists and galleries receive a Community Website within FineArtWorld.com at no additional cost. Artists and galleries receive the additional exposure of all the marketing we do for FineArtWorld.com.

3) Easy to Use - Not a Techie? If you know how to e-mail or surf the internet, you should be able to work with our powerful and easy to use tools for uploading images and creating your personal website. If you still need help, you can contact our customer service agents that will be more than happy to walk you through any process.

4) Personal FAW Domain Name / Domain Forwarding - With the exception of the Free Viewer or Gallery Basic memberships, all members will be given a unique web address (URL) (example http://www.johnsmith.fineartworld.com) that you can send out to friends, family or clients that will allow them to link up directly with your personal site. If you decide to use FineArtWorld as your exclusive presence on the internet, we will also give you the information necessary to transfer or point any already existing Domain Name (example www.johnsmith.com) to your personal website on FineArtWorld.

5) Sell on the Internet (Or Not) - Members can use their personal galleries as a reference or informational site, or if they choose, they can take advantage of the safe and secure online marketplace provided by FineArtWord. All proceeds from the sale of artworks listed on our site go directly to the member's PayPal accounts that they set up. There are NO ADDITIONAL COSTS OR COMMISSIONS to take advantage of this service.

6) Sell to the Trade - Our goal at Fine Art World is to facilitate an online venue that allows members of the arts community to deal with each other directly. After a stringent review process, gallery members will be able to take advantage of our Trade Program that allows them to receive special pricing directly from the artists or other gallery members.

7) Experience of the Owners – For over a combined 60 years, we have been and continue to work in all aspects of the art industry. Members will be able to tap into our experience by taking advantage of value added services that include but are not limited to printing, shipping, framing, co-op advertising, licensing, marketing, sales & accounting.

8) Viewing Rooms- Fine Art World web sites provide Viewing Rooms as a way for artists and galleries to present their artwork to collectors in a clean and organized way.

9) Stay in touch with what’s happening in the Art Industry - Visitors and members alike will be able to take advantage of our online reference information. We have partnered with some of the leading trade & consumer publications that will provide articles on art related topics. Whether you are an art connoisseur looking for tips on how to exhibit art in your business or home; an artist or photographer looking for the latest trends & techniques; or a gallery looking for better ways to design their space to accentuate the artwork, you’ll find it at Fine Art World.

10) We Constantly Improve FineArtWorld.com - One of the biggest problems with paying for a custom website is that it inevitably becomes outdated. The beauty of FineArtWorld.com is that we constantly add and improve both style and function to the website.

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