Privacy Policy

When you register with our site as a visitor or member, you are requested to provide personal information about yourself. This privacy policy describes what is done with the information given to us and how it is used.

Personal Information

We collect information from you only if you choose to give it to us. Such information may include your name, address, phone-number, e-mail address, credit card numbers or other information that is unique to you. We collect this information when you register with our site or if you send us any correspondence via e-mail, telephone or letter. We may also receive this information from marketing partners or members that help to promote the site.

Non-Personal Information

Whenever anyone visits our site, data is collected that may include a specific IP address, the type of browser being used, the number of hits or visits to the site, other websites visited or links from an advertisement or website. None of this type of information can be identified to a specific individual. The information is aggregated and is only used to improve site content or services by collecting usage and demographic information. This information may be shared with outside third parties for marketing analysis, but as stated above, none of the information shared can be identified to a specific individual.


We use pieces of data called "cookies". They are stored on your hard drive by your web browser. The information they carry is limited (i.e. remembering your password to our site or what items are in your shopping cart) and are only used to better your experience on the site. We do not use cookies to track members or visitors off our site and we do not disclose their information to third parties. You may also set your browser to limit or prevent the use of cookies. Please refer to your browsers help information on how to perform these functions.

Use of Personal Information

We will use the information you supply us to inform you of news and events of members you requested. We will keep you informed about new features and any administrative changes to the site. By monitoring the information you give us, we will try to continually improve our services and customer support. Financial information may be used to process orders you place with us or our members. We may send you information that we think you will find helpful.

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