Artist Testimonials

Artist - Sophy Brown

"I love my website, and can not imagine how I ever got along without it. For someone who is very far from computer savvy like me, it is simple to manage. Updating artwork and news, and keeping track of site statistics is all simple, and if ever I have questions, as I did when adding my independent site, Fine Art World was there to walk me through it. There are the obvious advantages of any website, visibility and a virtual portfolio, but a Fine Art World website has more to offer. It has its own audience, is widely advertised, and has been made easy for search engines to find. I am always amazed by the number visitors to my site, and I am contacted regularly through it. The people behind Fine Art World are a pleasure to work with, and I am extremely glad to have their expertise and support."

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Artist - Douglas Wodark

"The sites offered through FIne Art World are great looking. My website works well and has a lot of different facets to it. The ability to email my customer list is great. The staff is always working at upgrading and offering new features to the sites."

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Artist - Ed French

"I am very happy with Fine Art World's website! I built and managed my own site for 10 years but did not have the features their fine art websites offer. I love the animation, the ease of art management, and the e-store. The graphic design and therefore look is great. Love it, love it, love it!"

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Artist - Judy Greenan

"I am very pleased with my Fine Art World Website. The customer service and attention I have received has been outstanding and always timely. Their sense of web design and professional presentation of my work makes me proud to be a part of"

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