About Fine Art World

Some art based internet websites cater to only segments of the arts community, we at Fine Art World have worked hard to produce a web site where artist, gallery, and collector alike can call home. We have created a place that allows the artist, photographer or gallery the opportunity to exhibit their works on a global stage and gives the collector or visitor the opportunity to view fine art from around the world; all from the comforts of their living room or office. The owners, who are all dedicated to the promotion of the visual arts, are either artists themselves, or have or currently own "brick and mortar" art related businesses in printing, publishing, licensing and gallery ownership. They have been representing artists for over a combined 60 years.

Because of our experience, we believe we have created a venue that will allow artists and galleries to successfully use the marketing device called the internet. What would normally cost thousands of dollars if done on their own; for a small membership fee, Fine Art World will supply each member easy to use tools that will allow them the ability to create their own professional looking gallery that includes a direct URL address. Within minutes, members will be able to load their personal galleries with images of their works, direct contact information, links to other personal websites, a calendar of upcoming shows & events, & biographical information. The sites powerful search functions will allow visitors the ability to locate, browse or purchase artwork from any of our members. Because we are not just an internet company, members will be able to tap into our experience by taking advantage of value added services that include but are not limited to printing, shipping, framing, co-op advertising, licensing, marketing, sales & accounting.

Members can use their personal galleries as a reference or informational site, or if they choose, they can take advantage of the safe and secure online marketplace provided by Fine Art Word. All proceeds from the sale of artworks listed on our site go directly to the member's PayPal accounts that they set up. There are no additional costs or commissions to take advantage of this service.

Our goal at Fine Art World is to facilitate an online venue that allows members of the arts community to deal with each other directly without worry of hidden costs or commissions. After a stringent review process, members of the art trade will be able access private galleries where they will receive special pricing directly from the artists.

Fine Art World is not just a marketplace, but a forum where the art collector, artisan and gallery can communicate and exchange ideas with each other. Visitors and members alike will be able to take advantage of our online reference information. We have partnered with some of the leading trade & consumer publications that will provide articles on art related topics. Whether you are an art connoisseur looking for tips on how to exhibit art in your business or home; an artist or photographer looking for the latest trends & techniques; or a gallery looking for better ways to design their space to accentuate the artwork, you'll find it here at Fine Art World.

Unlike other internet companies that only allow you to communicate with them by e-mail, we pride ourselves on our personal service. Whether you are a visitor looking for information on a particular artist, a member looking for ways to improve the way their works are marketed, or just want to give us feedback about the site, feel free to contact us by phone, fax, letter or e-mail.

So we welcome you to our site, the home of the World of Fine Art.

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