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Drawing the Expressive Portrait with Robert Liberace
Event Date: Oct 29, 2018
Gallery/Artist: Village Arts Of Putney
Venue: Village Arts of Putney, Putney, Vermont
Website: www.VillageArtsofPutney@fineaw.com
Event Description:

October 29-31, 2018    9:00am—4:00pm       Tuition: $525  (*includes model fees)


From DaVinci’s screaming soldiers to Hals Laughing Cavaliers, the history of art is full of powerful examples of the portrait portrayed expressively. This workshop will focus on rendering the complexities of the human portrait in an active manner by studying the aspects of facial anatomy which convey expression. Each day a different emotion will be studied and rendered in a variety of drawing styles



To Register: Penelope Simpson villarts@sover.net or call: 802-246-7742 

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